Saying Yes to Portable Electronic Devices

23 February 2015

Your answer may not be well received if it is based on regulations that are nearly 50 years out of date.

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Hypoxia: It’s Not About Breathing

14 October 2014

I recently sat in a room full of aviation professionals and, unbelievably, heard the comment that “the so-called oxygen bottle is really compressed air, just like scuba divers use.” While I sat there with my mouth open, more than a few in the room nodded agreement. They may not be the only folks thinking this to be true.

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Cross Border Transactions

14 September 2014

Are you considering your first aircraft purchase? Is now the right time for you to upgrade to a newer or larger model? Are you convinced that pre-owned prices are not likely to fall any further? If a pre-owned aircraft is the right choice for you, the available inventory that meets your budget and your mission likely will include a significant number of aircraft registered outside of the United States.

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Navigating the Multiple Facets of a Business Aircraft Transaction.

20 June 2014

Although we are beginning to see indications that the business aircraft industry is beginning to recover, we are also noting that re-sale prices for pre-owned aircraft are at levels no one ever thought they’d see for aircraft less than decades old.

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