Points Of Difference

We recognize that many aircraft inventory dealers and brokers look alike, so we strive every day to demonstrate qualities that distinguish Pyxis from our competitors:

  • Our philosophy – We are aircraft matchmakers. While some of our competitors are strictly focused on transactional volume, we strive to create perfect matches between people and aircraft.
  • Our diligent work ethic and aggressive problem solving – We’re here. Weekdays. Weekends. Holidays. Whether you have a question, a minor problem or a significant issue, you will find us accessible and responsive.
  • Our high quality inventory – We won’t buy or sell any jet that we wouldn’t want to own. And we would never own a jet before getting to know it very well. There is no junk in our collection.  We won’t recommend an aircraft that isn’t right for you, and we won’t take on the marketing responsibility for an aircraft we wouldn’t be proud to sell!

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